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We're hiring! (Data analysis fellow - Entrepreneurship)

Updated: Jun 23, 2020

TUKA institute is looking for a data analysis fellow for our entrepreneurship chronicles series.

About us

TUKA aims to foster an economic climate in francophone West Africa that is conducive to the creation of inclusive opportunities for the future generation and the most vulnerable in the formal economy.

The Institute's ultimate goal is to address the need for citizen-centric economic policies in francophone West Africa. Although the region could benefit from the creativity and potential of its youth, the business environment is currently characterized by restrictive policies that inhibit the creation and development of innovative enterprises. Despite the recent increase in the number of startups in the region, their average lifespan tends to be short; many local enterprises end up in the informal sector, which limits their scale, impact and prosperity. This ultimately affects the economic growth of the region and contributes to the perpetuation of poverty.

Through empirical economic research, TUKA aims to study macroeconomic patterns that pose issues for startups, small local businesses and innovative individuals. Based on research findings, TUKA proposes practical solutions to the general public and decision-makers to support sustainable economic growth through citizen participation in the formal economy.

Context of the entrepreneurship series

In a socio-economic context characterized by a high demographic growth, a volatile economy, and a high unemployment rate among other issues, entrepreneurship is a career path for many. However, many entrepreneurial journeys have been shortened due to a challenging business environment in general, but also a lack of business training and vision from business owners. Moreover, entrepreneurship is wrongly perceived by many as a way to create wealth on an individual level as opposed to a path to sustainable economic development.

In an attempt to assess the business environment in Francophone West African countries, the following research questions can be asked:

  • What are the main characteristics of the business environment in these countries?

  • What challenges are entrepreneurs in the region facing?

  • How do entrepreneurs cope with these challenges?

  • Are these challenges making them more or less innovative?

  • Are there any measures or initiatives being implemented by local governments to support and encourage entrepreneurship?

  • How can entrepreneurship contribute in achieving sustainable economic development in Francophone West Africa?

Through research and publications the series aims at answering the questions above and provide a set of recommendations on how to address these problems.


The data analysis fellow will:

  • Identify, collect and organize macroeconomic data relevant to the research questions articulated by the institute

  • Create digital visuals for project findings

  • Promote publications through social media channels


Bachelor degree

Knowledge of video editing software

Fluency in French and/or English

Time Commitment: 10-15 hours a week

Contract length: 3 months

Location: fully remote

Next steps

Please contact us at with a resume

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